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Ripple XRP: Did A May 2020 Post Predict The SEC Lawsuit & IS This The Last Accumulation For XRP?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Its great to have experts in here updating us on the market structure on a regular basis. Although It's no secret to anyone that xrp is currently hanging on the edge, and most of its holders are confused on what to do with the asset due to its steady decline. Although holding xrp isn't a bad idea, but judging from the current market price trend it would be more profitable to go into trading rather than hold or better still swap some into bitcoin or ethereum which is doing perfectly well by the way. I am an xrp holder and still is, i believe with time xrp would get more bullish but for now we have to take advantage of the current market bulls. Holding alone isn't just enough, i have being more keen lately on learning the ropes of trading from Sebastian. Learning from him as been really productive, with his experience and guide i have being able to understand how best to use signals and strategies from signal providers. If i were to choose, i would choose sebastian's signal service over and over again. Sebastian's service can be reached (crypto related concerns) on telqram (@sebastianbryan) and watsap (+447782861037). Lets capitalise on what's in front of us, while we hope for a better tomorrow

  2. By publishing that "anon" conspiracy theory. You are merely supporting my original thesis…let the the Fkn XRP bottom out somewhere under 20 cents. Prolly sub 10 cents and then buy it back. Which is high risk BUT a great deal so its worth it.

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  4. Have you ever noticed that these so called glitches are only with XRP? They are not glitches at all, they are there to test reaction. The so called price glitches are showing you that they can manipulate the price on demand to whatever level that is required, wake up. The SEC prior to getting laughed out of court will declare XRP to be a currency and settle with Ripple. The damage that the SEC has caused to the investors should be enough to have Mr. Clayton and the lawyers spending 5 – 10 years in gray bar hotel. If this was done, it would stop the SEC's shenanigans but that will not happen as one criminal cartel will help there fellow partner criminal cartel.

  5. my honest opinion to xrp holders: dont chkn out and sell at a loss… dont be too greedy and stay at whatever units you have… if it moons it moons and you will get a clear view of it shooting upwards and can always jump on… we dont do this on nornal but with xrp currently this makes proper sense… also, its pooping currently, so there isnt much left to recover, so just hodl and hope it shoots… best of luck…

  6. Tetragon is an insider. How can the Army and influencers minimize the impact of these guys bailing out? These investors are giving a vote of no confidence in this management team, the future of XRP, and don’t even want to hang around for the IPO profits. If Tetragon wants their cash out, what the hell are XRP HODLers thinking??!

  7. I have been investing in XRP for years and fully comprehend the value of Ripple dedication to working closely with international regulators while also forging key partnerships with huge players throughout a global financial industry. Whenever new technology is introduced, there is likely to be disruptions to existing market players and active resistance often results. There is never a straight line from a project's inception to adoption and XRP is no exception to this rule, so we must use intense research to forge the confidence needed hold firm during anticipated ups and downs. Investing in a project is not about reacting to daily or weekly chart speculations, it's about the use case, history, financial stability and the people dedicated to delivering the project goals … it's about the fundamentals. No event to-date has dismantled the fundamentals or the integrity of the XRP project, if you stand back and look at the big picture you can still see it is too late to unwind or kill this project, so the only logical conclusion for me is to do nothing but purchase more XRP while it is reacting to market speculation. 6th Jan 2021 Australia ..

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