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Ripple XRP: Did Tiffany Hayden Turn on the XRP Community ???

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Tired of xrp hype & no return, I do think xrp will be valuable one day but not what everybody is hoping for, number of xrp to large for big gains

  2. Come on guys, the volume of this entire bull run is laughable compared to 2017. All pumps appear exactly at the end of each major candle, we are in the third month of the pump with no cooldown. The whales are still in full control of this market. They dump a lot of BTC and then the public buys the price back up again for them because nobody likes to be still bearish after such a long time. The sentiment is so positive that it might be true because of this. It all started with a £1000 increase in just an hour or less. That was the signal that everybody decided that the bear market was over. And if enough people think that, it increases the chances of it happening. My only advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of Mr. James Long's program, a pro trader who is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 3 Bitcoin to 9 Bitcoin in just 3 weeks. You can reach him on (jameslong241 @Gmailcom or WhatsApp + 447480724121)

  3. I didn't know Bitcoin was centralized by a group of Chinese miners/whales. That's horrible. Xrp is more decentralized now than Bitcoin (so don't fuck that up). Also, price manipulation by small groups of fucking Hong Kong whales is responsible for its price (prove me wrong). Don't forget about the Bitcoin that is bogh and sold that doesn't exist (fractional reserve banking via derivatives). Wake up, dude.

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