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Ripple XRP: Did Warren Davidson Just Admit U.S. Crypto Reg Holdup Is Because Of The Great Reset?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. This video sounds like russian propaganda that makes me sick. Russia is in big troubles, a lot of clever and educated people moved to the neighbor countries since russians invaded Ukraine.
    And by the way there are rumors that Nivosibirsk institute got the blockchain technology from ripple, and that russian cbdc will run on ripple also

  2. FTX Exchange is only a minor player in the world of Crypto, so saying it is the largest is just simply wrong. I am sure you just miss-quoted what you read?
    Binance is still the largest and largest by a massive gap that will not be filled in for quite some time coming!

    As soon as tradintional exchanges like Charles Swabb or TD Ameritrade either gets into Crypto by buying up Crypto Exchanges or developing their own Crypto Exchange themselves, Binance will be number #1 for the forseeable future. Like it or not, them just the facts….

    I believe the only reason the Traditional Exchanges have waited is obviously U.S. Regulations but also, if they really understand where this space is going, then they understand that all the Traditional Asset's we invest in will be Digitized and put onto a Blockchain Ledger (the real innovation Blockchain) and this in itself will change everything about the way we invest in the Financial World. Not just that all Asset's will be Digitized but also all the plumbing in the Financial Investment World will change too.
    Everything from plumbing to Digitized Asset's are coming to the Blockchain Space!
    This is when all the real money comes into play!
    Quadrillions of dollars is what's coming to this space……those that fully understand the massive potential are salivating at these potential profits!!!

  3. Institution whales buying and shorting Bitcoin going to $3k can’t scale block sizes to big…The only way it will survive if it ramps on & off using XRP XRPL for settlement and retail transactions!

  4. XRP XRPL …every major institution in the World able to settle every major FIAT’ asset with every other asset in a compatible jurisdiction in seconds for less than penny’

  5. It still won’t succeed in Russia they can use their payments system… but the countries for cross boarder payments won’t agree to trade.., so the Sanctions will be by countries acceptance!!!

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