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Ripple XRP: Digital Debt Capital Markets Selects R3 Corda & A $70 XRP Backed By Gold

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  1. At the moment… would it make sense for a Company to hire another (Ripple), to make LESS MONEY???… If I make $10.00 per transaction, why I´d like to make $2.00 per transaction..? Maybe, just Maybe, here lies the price of XRP…

  2. XRP backed by gold (and not self-valued, for example) would be an outcome that occurs in some kind of "last resort" or cataclysmic scenario, so it's a possibility but unlikely UNLESS you believe the whole financial system is about to collapse. (Guess I forgot to mention that part!) It is correct that the price of XRP WOULDN'T be able to continue to rise IF it was backed by gold, but IF warning shots are fired and economy is collapsing, an XRP backed by something that has been an exchange of wealth for CENTURIES would/could make sense…IF fiat burns and we (as "humans") are put in this circumstance. 😉 It's a bit of a conspiracy philosophy.

  3. The most secure NFS would be based on the value of XRP. Having a system based on another asset but also with XRP being core to its functionality greatly diminishes its level of protection. Being decentralized XRP would be nearly impossible to destroy. However, a powerful nation could easily impact the NFS by withholding gold as well as waging a war to capture gold from other nations. What we are witnessing is the creation of a new standard unlike anything ever seen before. There is no need for it to be based on another as it stands on its own as the new standard. This narrative of requiring gold to secure the price of XRP is being pushed as more of a confidence boosting sales gimmick.

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