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Ripple XRP: Do We Have To Wait Until August 16, 2021 For XRP To Rally?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Yes shitchanel wait till 2121 and you will be right……. HaHaHa 😂 HaHaHa 😂……Bitcoin just crosses $50000 and Shitcoin running 🏃‍♀️ down below $0.5 …what a scam, what a joke coin

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  3. JED is unloading his Crypto, he'll run out by June, I think between now and then it will eventually hit 1$.

    I think after JED is done, the market will not have 17 million daily sell to compete with, is when it will hit between 3-6$.

    The SEC lawsuit might drag out into September if there is no settlement. Look for another jump after that to 10-20$.

    Then it's a long hold until it reached the triple digits.

    Atleast from what I can tell from everything going on.

    I have 10,000xrp right now.

    I'm moving on and trying to get 100,000 VET, until June, then if XRP is still low, I try and get another 10,000xrp, I don't think much will happen between now and June though. JED massive stock pile is what is holding the coin back.

  4. None of your bullsht price hypes have ever happened, seems by now you would have left youtube in pure shame and commited suicide for the collosal amounts of lies and money you've cost people, but obviously you have no shame

  5. Bitcoin is just like a piece of Digital Crystal , it is digital assert , supply and demand people buy what ever price they wanted to pay for one day when nobody wanted it the price will stall or drop, as there is no usage.

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