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Ripple XRP: Do You Still Believe In XRP? New model Suggests +6,800% Breakout To $12.30/XRP

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  1. To many people will have a religious right not to have this chip because it will be considered as The Mark of The Beast and it is a damnation of the soul….so it will be rejected and it's going to be an invasion into a person's privacy so that in itself a violation of a person's constitutional rights.

  2. They would have to burn every bible, destroy the Constitution of the United states and the Bill of rights to get away with the implantation of a chip into a person's body.

  3. I dont need to wait for the legislature, as a believer in Gods word i know the Mark of the beast is coming and now is being put in place no man shall buy or sale unless they have the mark. Chip on in baby

  4. I am hard press to find where any of these coins have any real use case. XRP is basically the only one being truly developed for some thing useful. Aside from dark web purchases, BTC and a few other cryptos had a moment where they almost were going mainstream and stores were accepting them. Now many have pulled back. Many of the ATMs that were rolled out to with draw cryptos have been removed. All other coins except XRP are too volatile and their transaction fees are too high to be any kind of real currency. XRP's value will probably slowly grow over time with some fits and starts but never be as volatile as the others. Everything else is spec buying from off the trend that happened since 2014. The only thing the main coins have going for them are the mining and many miners will eventually pull out as it because too costly to mine. BTC might even have a massive price crash and become valueless when that happens….however BEFORE that it could pump to some ridiculous number bringing along with it LTC and ETH. This is just my opinion. BTC is at this point almost too volatile as a store of value. XRP can not be a security because it was NOT created by ripple. Could ripple face a lawsuit or judgement on how it sells its XRP…maybe. Could Brad get hit with some kind of fine, perhaps. Could ripple be forced to unload much of its XRP holdings in order to be in compliance, maybe….Also the howey test is broad and can be interpreted in a number of ways. Which is both good and bad for cryptos…depends on the judge.

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