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Ripple XRP: Doesn’t It Sound Like Alex Holmes Is Waiting To Reignite MG’s Partnership With Ripple?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Quant works in partnership with Ripple and will be the number one cryptocurrency because it will connect the blochains and dlts of all banks and companies in the world

    Quant is undervalued.

  2. Wow it seems no one wants to the “Guy” for taking the credit bad or good. SEC wants congress to regulate then CTFC saying no it’s our jurisdiction seems like a hot potato back n forth

  3. I love that your take on everything. I always appreciate you showing different sides of things and then offer your opinion and then ask your Subs for theirs…
    With Global ID people are missing the fact that that is a major player who is heavily involved with Ripple!

    Next with regards to Money Gram he seems to sound like they learned and earned a lot from their relationship with Ripple, however it seems to me that they may have something up their sleeve to take what they have learned and are going to use their capabilities which they seemed to indicate the other platforms are incomplete without them… just a thought!! 🧐

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