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Ripple XRP: DOODY – Could The Harassment Of An SEC Witness Negatively Affect Ripple’s Case?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. When people stand outside and threatened rittenhouse or OJ nothing happens someone makes a comment online about doodoo and all of a sudden there’s so much uproar and fear smh foh

  2. The SEC is so corrupt, and so backed into a corner, I could definitely see them creating four or five burner accounts on Twitter and messing with their own expert witness so that they could attempt to come to the court and claim harassment. They are trying to hide everything that they can and I believe they will do any and everything to prolong this to get what they want.
    Remember how they role played this at that game theory round table that Gary Ginsler was apart of a few years back?? Everyone who’s been here a while has likely seen it. That’s all you need to remember, he’s playing a role. Buying time for the powers that be.

  3. Cant post threats and identifying materials against a person online… unless its against the Libs of TikTok account,… then its fine… apparently.

  4. Nobody from the xrp community is threatening or humiliating Mr Doodie. Unless the SEC can identify an actual individual and make an allegation against that person it's pure smoke.. and I venture to guess it is smoke created by the SEC in order to demonize their enemy.. the xrp community.

  5. These threat could also come from Bitcoin and ETH maxi's as well as relatives and family members of SEC staff, what do you think?

  6. Jekyll Island is where the FED, a collection of private bank consortium was created to profit of the printing of money and loaning of that money to the US government started to enslave US, UK and Europe to banks. Crypto will level the playing field by removing the one trillion in fees people are paying to use their own money. Crypto currency will stop this theft of the public and so it is under attack first by an engineered crash then by by adoption with the banks in control. Crypto is an excellent buy if you consider history of consolidation of computer, internet and e-commerce all of which has gone through periods of consolidation and uncertainty before going up tens of thousands of percent. If a person had bought 1000 share of Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Amazon and held on through the crashes than that person was at least tens of millions richer. Those who are afraid will always lose out. The price is very low.

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