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Ripple XRP Escrow discrepency response from David Schwartz, UBS Settlement Coin USC

Daily XRP News

David Schwartz replies: We tweaked the timeline in 2018 to reflect transactions that happened each month of the quarter rather than linking returns to date of initial escrow release. Ex: a March escrow release returned in April is considered a Q2 event, not Q1.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I think that 5000 bitcoin was probably market price order and market maker took advantage of it to fulfill that order at lower price . It is normal and we should not jump to conclusion calling it manipulation . In market nobody like to lose money and nobody intentionally lose money . There is almost always logical explaination but all the explanations can not be known by everybody . When the prices move drastically it is mostly caused by market makers and not by buyers or sellers . In Futures or stock market , Market makers (MM) are obliged to fill any size market price order but they can fill at the price they wish but MM must fill all the orders on book first before their wish price . MM takes opposite side of your trade . If somebody wants to sell MM will buy if nobody is available . Fat finger trade is an excellent example of how MM take advantage of that mistake and almost always MM ends up making tons of money where many investors lose money in the process and stop loss orders get kicked out of the would be profitable trade .

  2. So goooood to hear you bring good reassuring news, its like hearing that the super typhoon is going away and everything will be ok again. thank you Crypto Eri love u !

  3. Frankly I am sick of people being able to buy and sell over the counter. Seems the true value of the market is not established if institutions are able to hide large purchases and sells because they are using OTC methods.

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