Ripple XRP: Executive Dilip Rao & Social Media Link U.S. Federal Reserve’s FedNow To Ripple!

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Federal payment improvement did a YouTube video not only for ripple, but many other company's. They were demonstrating the tech. I think there were 14 companys trying to get in.

  2. I wouldn't invest into BTC since 80% is mined in China. I would invest into XRP since it is the most backed by companies. Also, too many people comment about cryptocurrencies as a group. They are ALL Different and in many ways.

  3. Oleary knows all about BTC and gets it.
    He is telling the truth now He realizes that BTC is old tech, and that it has been vastly approved upon he even tries to explain better faster cheaper etc., and gets shut down…. He is all about crypto JUST NOT BTC.. People need to realize that big money can love crypto and still hate BTC l. Also he is not bashing crypto, he was schooling Pomp NOT to put too many eggs in one basket, regardless if it is crypto or a blue chip stock…

  4. Interesting that the Fed payment system won't launch until 2023 ish when all the XRP has been released from escrow. Kind of makes sense with time lines if they are indeed working Ripple and XRP.

  5. Lots of hate towards XRP. Dont u get it. Throughout history what has made the most money and got adoption, usually?. Sheep will always be sheep. I look around my circle, at the gym, my neighbours, my community,etc….. every time i mention Bitcoin and cryptos, they say its too expensive and dont understand anything about it. People want to get rid of the few families controlling the world. IM TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW. They are ones working towards a digital world. What company besides ripple is having meetings with the FED and IMF…

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