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Ripple XRP Facts Do Matter, Biggest Crypto Return on Investment will be Tied to Utility & Use Cases

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Deloitte, Jp Morgan, BIS, Credit Suisse, UBS Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of England, BBVA, CBA and Goldman Sachs Theodore Enders sights XRP as part of their plan and and initiated a basket currency’s that sits in the middle of all G7 Central Banks for cross boarder payments and could total upto 88 Trillion dollars…..all Central Banks globally playing catch up and will soon adopt XRP…..

    XRP & XLM will run everything Jed Mcaleb of XLM and former owner of XRP and Brad Garlinghouse of XRP cunningly and covertly working together behind the scenes, all that news about they argued, absolute rubbish… they both will dominate all payments internal, external & remittance on a Centralised and DeFI networks ultimately getting the best of both Crypto spaces and both have unlimited scalability, so clean and fast too…

    Here’s how>
    Ripple enables things like cheap and fast cross-border payments, Ripple’s target customer is not so much unbanked individuals but the banks themselves.

    Stellar XLM is used for unbanked individuals see the possible partnership πŸ˜„ this will include the ability to send money quickly and cheaply, even across borders. This is key for unbanked individuals, who might be workers abroad sending money back home but are limited to expensive money transfer services like Western Union.

    XRP will run everything on the banking Centralised blockchain network 😁
    Let’s look at XRP’s ability to scale. At its creation, a total of 100 billion XRP were created. No more can ever be created, so it is deflationary in nature. Setting aside the fact that some of these XRP have been burned or lost, 100 billion XRP at a $10,000 value per XRP would provide $1 quadrillion in total value. This is enough to easily account for the $244 trillion global debt (Bloomberg), as well as $88 trillion global GDP (Statista).

    By its very nature, XRP is highly liquid, with fast transaction and settlement times. It is also inexpensive to use. If it is used as a de facto reserve currency, there is no need to exchange it for fiat currency, though this is also easy to do across multiple currencies and payment networks via the Interledger Protocol(ILP).

    So, what is the secret that the politicians, non-governmental organizations, and major financial institutions might have been hiding from us?

    XRP will be a world reserve currency (and it will be used to pay off debt).

    It will solve the debt crisis without devaluing fiat currencies. For example, the U.S. government (and other governments) could buy XRP at very low OTC rates, which wouldn’t drive prices up on the retail exchanges. Likewise, major financial institutions could also stock up on XRP at extremely attractive prices. When all systems, policies, and agreements are in place, they simply announce that XRP will serve as a reserve currency. This drives utility and demand, which rapidly increases the price of XRP. The governments could then settle their debts using XRP, which would not devalue their fiat, because they would not be printing any additional dollars or other fiat currencies.

    This would explain why the U.S. administration, the IMF, and the World Bank have been so positive about Ripple Labs, xRapid, and XRP. It would also explain why the SEC and other federal agencies have not yet weighed in on XRP’s status as a security or other type of asset. It would also explain why the price of XRP has been very steady at a low price for more than 15 months, despite a constant stream of positive news about partnerships, production deals, and so forth.

    My prediction is that we will see such an announcement within the next 24 months, followed by significant, sustained price growth for XRP over the course of a decade or more.

    Stellar vs. Ripple: Inflation
    The last point we want to touch on is inflation.
    Ripple’s total supply is fixed, whereas Stellar has 1% inflation per year. On top of that, Ripple burns all transaction fees. Therefore, Ripple is deflationary (supply decreases over time), while Stellar is inflationary (supply increases over time).
    If we’re to believe the economic theory of supply and demand, that means that as Ripple’s supply decreases and XRP becomes more scarce, its price should increase (assuming demand for XRP increases or stays the same). With Stellar, there is an opposite effect, since increasing supply puts downward pressure on price.
    Therefore, from a price perspective, Ripple wins on inflation (or its lack thereof).

    They will definitely partner up again….

    In sum, Stellar and Ripple are two very similar assets. However, there are clear things that both Stellar and Ripple are better at than the other.
    When it comes to functionality, decentralization, and token distribution, Stellar wins. Meanwhile, Ripple beats Stellar on team and inflation policy.
    Regardless, it’s likely that the two assets will play important roles for the foreseeable future rather than one overtake the other in all aspects. Ripple will continue trying to appeal to banks, and Stellar will try to give unbanked individuals an alternative to centralized and inefficient banks/

  2. I enjoy your perspective but I gotta ask. You don't think XRP will be the new world reserve currency? Intermittence payments is a 11trillion dollar a day industry with estimates of 4-7 Quadrillion traded each yr. Add on top of this institutional, govt, and individual holdings. You could argue that banks and gov will develop their own crypto but it will run off the XRP ledger. The XRP ledger will bridge all currency and with the addition of Sparks FLR token every asset as well. Digital and real. It might not meet the standard definition of a one world reserve currency, however, it will control the entire domain of asset classes. Everything will be exchange on the XRP ledger. Its all about speed, number of transactions, minimal fees, and the most energy efficient crypto.
    PS. You might have missed it but one of the first things Brad Garlinghouse asked the ripple execs in court was if XRP could be used for faster transaction speed for stocks and commodities.

  3. In few years or so people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency

  4. I have my largest holding in XRP. I feel there are people in this space – like you, Eri – that I trust wholeheartedly to speak sense and not be sensationalist like some of the youtubers that are more focused on trading, are. But I recently watched Coin Bureau's video from early May, about xrp never going to make us rich (and here's why), and I've got to say that I felt he made some interesting points that have made me question if it's really going to happen with XRP or whether we're all deluding ourselves. Please tell me we're not. I've stayed strong throughout all the fud and misinformation, but that one got me. Any thoughts?

    (Btw… Moon Lambo did a fantastic job in the comment section on that video, to explain things clearly!)

  5. Those S holes who are care less about the remittance transactions because they had never been into hard labor before and they had never send money to Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Nigeria … 🀣

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