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Ripple XRP: FedWire Transactions Will Rival SWIFT, BIS Describes XRP Using ODL & SEC Forced Trial?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Disagree Case will not go to trial it'll settle after Flare Network roll-out
    The Hinmen emails can not be released SEC will admit to mistake before releasing emails
    We're they released the SEC will be exposed for criminal conduct and market minupliation
    So the question is, will the SEC be completely wiped out by going to trial thus exposing Hinmen emails
    Or will they live and take a lick by settling giving clairity to Ripple,

  2. WMC, what’s your thoughts on Crypto Eri selling all her stellar xlm tokens. I do respect her very much and I was surprised at the decision she made. I appreciate you or your listeners to respond. Thank you

  3. DRAKE
    "Do Right and Kill Everything". …
    Info is FIREEEEEEE. …
    HODL. …

    Nothing can Stop what is Coming. …    #45 #17 #19 🇺🇸
    The BEST is Yet to Come! !!!
    Will I am. … 👪👭 🙏

  4. I have the regular Xumm wallet on my Android. I don't keep much XRP there I have Ledgers, but I keep other coins there and it works perfectly. it was created by Wietse Wind, he's a solid player. he also created the XRP Toolkit trustline utility to send my Flare drop to my ledger Nano, no exchange needed. you can look up his work and see his pics here on YT, he doesn't hide out somewhere he makes himself available to the people. if you have an inquiry he personally answers right away, I was surprised how fast. the Xumm wallet is for real. it's a keeper.

  5. funny thing about your friend not being that high up. about 20 years or so ago K brothers made a large play into local and state government ,now you see the courts beginning to push things back towards the states . so take some time educating …it will be needed… love the show keep on keeping on

  6. The Xumm Pro Beta is absolutely amazing. I own and deal in a lot of XRPL projects that aren't XRP, and it is absolutely ESSENTIAL for that. You actually get 2 Tangem Cards. As a US resident, haven't seen any options for fiat on/off yet, but really looking forward to that part.

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