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Ripple XRP: Former Ripple Employee Listed In FED NOW Doc & Will Crypto Be Next For Buffett?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The QFS is live already. The digital dollar is backed by gold. It makes sense. He put 2.1 billion into boa. Ding ding ding. Revaluation coming. No it doesn't . What if you return to the gold standard?

  2. Buffet put 2.1 billion into boa, a ripple partner! last week. Gold is being revalued. Thats why buffet bought gold mines, tbere is no gold to buy.

  3. And vice versa…since we're speculating(about what BTC holders are doing) here…for XRP "MAXI-PADS" aren't…all…ignorant…so they're…"WITHOUT A DOUBT"…investing in Bitcoin/BTC…while hiding behind their facades(of not admiring, & HODLing, the "FATHER/OMEGA" of crytocurrency…yet they are).🤙🤘

  4. Aptly put, Bitcoin continues to open various avenue in maximizing its usage, a few weeks back Bitcoin reached a much anticipated high of over $ 12,000 fueled majorly by one factor, ie the increasing interest among retail and organizational investors to invest in Bitcoin, most investors now even starsh up huge sums of Bitcoin as asset considering the nature of crypto currency. Well personally i think it's always a good time to carry out trading in crypto currencies whether the market is on a surge or otherwise, for me trading should be more concerned with having a good signal and market analysis, since I started trading for myself I ' ve always respected the signals Mr Dugan Long provides, Dugan has not only been a good service guarantor, he has also been the reason for the trade success i've been recording lately while trading, Dugan can be reached on tele gram (@kirkdugan). whastpp (+447476700513) One thing is constant in the volatile market, price would always change.

  5. Just a matter of time and not too far away from it until XRP makes BTC an alt coin. Can't wait for people who thinks XRP will be coupled to BTC for ever when it has way better technology, a very strong company behind it backed by big names and solving real problems (which will be solved very soon). I also don't think FedNow is the new quantum financial system as that is world wide and will be used to avoid trusting other countries or being trusted by other countries as opposed to FedNow being US only. The big subject these days is regarding the new quantum financial system, not sure why WMC keeps talking about FedNow service. Perhaps it's hard to accept where this is going. 😉

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