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Ripple XRP: FXcoin Exchange Plans To Test XRP & U.S. Has Upper Hand To Implement XRP Quickly

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  1. Beside, the second largest country in terms of GDP China is launching a crypto Yuan this year which updates the corresponding banking system swift even greater than Ripple could initially that will allow other crypto's like XRP to finish the forced change of the current system and America to get in the game not a few years from now or get left behind.

  2. XRP won’t “moon” until it’s utility is finally utilized, which won’t happen until mass adoption occurs in 10+ years. Until then, XRP will appreciate in value only because BTC halving will push all crypto’s up to their next trading level. XRP can easily settle at $1 end of next year and stay in that range for a few years till utility finally happens

  3. I believe the US is playing coy to the American people as to how far along they are with crypto. I also believe the US is playing their part in the script of the global financial drama and waiting for their cue to speak their next lines.

  4. The only "objective" XRP channel I know of, I love XRP and believe its the future but it def has its issues, but for me the positives outweigh the negatives. Thanks for looking at your investments objectively.

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