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Ripple XRP: G20 Countries Preparing For Financial Reset? Why Is Trump Warning Of A Crash?

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  3. Go Trump!! And keep our CAPITAL GAINS FROM OUR CRYPTOCURRENCY PROFITS LOW, sleepy Joe already said he wants to raise taxes on us soon to be rich crypto holders!!Damnn Nooo!!!

  4. Bitcoin is a dying relic. People just haven't seen xrp yet and what it does. Because when customers see the cost difference and speed difference its a no brainer. Xrp is going to be the world reserve digital currency and it will be backed by gold. Xrp will be backed by gold, not bitcoin. Every country will have a sovreign cbdc and a gold standard. Xrp will be the bridge between currencies. Instant settlement and everything is settled in seconds or minutes. On demand liquidity is getting big already. Cbdc's will be ready way before 2022. The digital dollar is ready now. Fednow is being launched this month not 2024. Nobody believes that. Let china get a 4 year jump on America in the financial sector. They have their cbdc's ready. The pandemic accelerated development on cbdc's. The usa is ready. Fednow is ready now. It will be launched on thursday. This month for sure. Trump in a landslide.

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