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Daily XRP News
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  1. As in more crypto's? I don't trust Fiat, I don't trust real estate, gold is too heavy …
    Thanks for all the great info as well as your articulation and confidence

  2. Nothing is going anyplace until Reg's are in place, ETF's get approval and Fidelity, BAKKT, Etrade, Blackrock etc. have launched. For anyone to think we are running without these things in place are wrong. These last two BTC dumps in a small market are a simple means of killing the market until the above happens. "They" the establishment with the money will not let it happen without their investors getting in at low prices. They have been and are still accumulating including manipulation of the market. Do not kid yourself when things are in place and the big boy's are ready to come in will prices rise so they and their investors will benefit most!" Does anyone really think "they" will come on board when BTC sits at 20+ and beyond? Not likely! Do as they do buy the dip, HODL, Cost average and play their game when they flash crash the retail sector….

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