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Ripple XRP: Has Michelle Bond Already Helped Ripple With Their Defence Strategy?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The Bitcoin Price reached an all-time new record of $34,544.94 on Sunday as the rally continued on the third day of 2021, Bitcoin is world’s most valued cryptocurrency by market value and I want to begin investing on Bitcoins how do I begin please?

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  3. Bitcoin was never meant to be here for long term, it was designed for the start of new tech… BTC is booming based on tether manipulation, and all other alts will follow, but why you ask? Its like a magic act, you see the hoo rahh, but its all slight of hand, as everyone Isn't paying attention to the trick secret. The puppet masters of finance are just getting you off the real coin, to later collapse it all when the reset is done… You are being fooled by the greatest conn job of the century… The reset will not include BTC and 99% of alts.. only 1 will be the last standing… think smart and stay away from headlines,, its all about controlling you with fake media to empty your bags, which is part of the trick

  4. Wheni it comes to government and what they choose as ethical , Brad and Chris could have been child trafficking with Epstein and this stupid issue of them selling something legal and no harm to anyone would not be an issue ..They would have been given the highest privileged by now …

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