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Ripple XRP: Has The Egyptian Central Bank Committed To Using ODL? & BEWARE Of Some XRPL Tokens!

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The fast to the American people from the SEC is in the billions with a B Gary Guinsler should be put in front of a firing squad for insider trading and nepotistic behavior Joseph Lubin is obviously a neurotic narcissist who thinks the world revolves around him when there are billions of people looking for help billions of people looking for money cross-border and there’s 25 guys calling the shots there’s millions of us we need to stayUp and fight it out these guys have got to go

  2. President Biden should be impeached for in competency we have already lost the battle for 5G do we want to really lose the battle for the web at three? Answer no so why were the president appoint Gary Gensler just scroll saw and not just extra key holders everyone in the United States except for the bankers and the 50 or 25 families are calling the shots shots

  3. Talk about nepotism the rich banking 1% ownership class is trying to hold down 99% of the worlds population we will have no part in it one generation has no right to tell another generation how to live their lives we do not have to follow your laws because we are in charge now it’s our generation generation X we will be taking over in the midterm elections Biden will be gone congressman will be gone and they can take your backroom deals insider trading and the lack of a spine to call for an independent investigation but no 10 or 20 families are above the law let’s going to the supermarket and not go to jail the people involved in the legacy system have been cheating stealing lying corrupt for years and I for one I don’t have it anymore I will defeat anyone who is man enough to talk to me about it but of course the wall street journal of the Omaha world HeraldThe Dallas morning news the Senate Democrats in the Senate Republicans Congress and of course where the buck stops show Biden need to be dismissed for incompetency and trying to implode and ruin do United States of America the greatest country in the world

  4. BlockFi needs to leave the US and give the SEC the middle finger. No matter what the SEC thinks, their authority stops at the boarder. Then if BlockFi wants to offer their services to US citizens and they are in compliance with the laws of the foreign jurisdiction, the SEC can go pound sand. Why play around in the hostile US with these idiots when you don't have to. They need to get it through their thick skulls, in business there is no flag waving or national loyalty it is neutral, nothing personal, business is business. Take your business and go where you are treated best. Only fools stay where they are constantly being robbed by the government and that same government wants to put them out of business.

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