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Ripple XRP Hexagon Theory (xPool)

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A detailed summary of how Ripple’s xPool product may function when processing xRapid transactions. It covers basic market orders, price discovery, and problems related to slippage.

Daily XRP News


  1. This made it sound like a bankers coin. If true retail price will stay very low so institutions can buy more like they are doing now but when used on institutional side price will be higher like they need. In other words a bankers coin. I own a lot of XRP and this explanation is not giving me the warm fuzzy feeling.

  2. @John Dow That's what I'm afraid of too. The other thing that pisses me off is the fact that they can buy XRP OTC with much better prices, while all of us have to buy it at the exchanges directly. It's like average Joe buying a car from a dealer while the banks buy it from the manufacturer directly (in this case major XRP holder – Ripple). It's win-win for the institutions, exchanges and Ripple. The latter own large amount of XRPs and by selling them OTC to institutions (through exchanges/brokers) it accumulates massive $$$ profits. Ripple will generate additional profit through institutional use of their Ripplenet too. Banks and institutions have nothing to lose during transactions, on the contrary, they will make profits by saving on transfer costs. In addition to that, the value of the XRP that they will hold will increase 5-10k x, depending on the arbitrary price they all agree upon. It'd actually be better deal for them than if they invested in BTC. In that scenario, they can leave us retailers to "slaughter" each other through buy/sell FOMO, through exchanges that are separate from their system. Even if all current circulating supply of XRP within the retailers system would stay as it is now, it would have no effect on their "closed arbitrary system", as they could agree between themselves on any future XRP price. I am not a legal expert and don't know if the current OTC and future, theoretical "dual" XRP system are illegal. I think that Sam would need to initiate a public call to Brad Garlingouse/Ripple and demand clarifications/official statement about that! We know that billions/millions of XRPs have been sold to institutions, no details about the prices, and none of these transactions have been reflected through XRP prices at the exchanges! It's almost as if I had millions of USD stacked in my house, that I had bought from Bank of America for .90 cents or less, and a deal with Barclays that my US$ will be exchanged to GBP with exchange rate x times better than the average Joe can get in his local bank/currency exchange office. We should demand clarifications…

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