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Ripple XRP: How Close Are We To 90-99% Of Coin Collapsing While Utility Generates Extreme Wealth?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. Let me tell you if the sec get more time hodl and buy during the extreme dipping sauce I will beat my grandmas life savings account…. maybe I did maybe I did not…. I’m so excited 😆 I don’t give a duck about my money I care about the number of tokens I have this is the mentality you need to carry.

  3. The SEC slow down this Ripple project very delibarately & evil-minded & will play into the hand of SWIFT & BTC as long as if it's possible.
    This SEC group seems to be coming up like an neanderthal extinction.
    Ripple are looking ahead to shape the futue.
    Nobody should stop XRP anymore.
    My 2 cents.
    Best wishes from Switzerland.

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