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Ripple XRP: How Forex-Like Liquidity Will Get XRP Price High & Stable – An Analysis

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Btc just went from 10000 to almost 70 grand it had its parabolic move quit talking about a blow off top it already happened. The overall market is down 30 something % get ready to accumulate as it goes lower

  2. Stop your stupid comparisons with 2017 this is not 2017. I've been in this space since 2012, another 30 years , In stock and derivatives. You can take all that TA crap and throw it right out the window. This is a brand new asset class, That hasn't even made it technically to the adoption phase yet. You cannot go back and do TA comparisons and Expect them to lineup With an evolving market class. TA does not take into account what is really moving the market. Volatility In big part coming from People jumping in with scared money! Big portion On margin.Let alone some of the big money has no idea what they're doing, Moving in-and-out, Losing billions, Right now 90% of this market is nothing more than a casino. Then you have the big money algorithms that are runningThey're skimming operations 247. Then you have the whales like me, Whom love to Manipulate. A lot of us have 40 years plus market experience.Then we have people like you, Putting out phony predictions Because they've learned how to read a chart. So don't sit there and pretend you know what move we're going to make next. Even in a stable market market TA only has a profit range from 5 to 10%. TNA is only good for short term anyway, Fundamental analysis is the only thing that works long term, Along with risk management, Money management, And mindset which can't be taught! Warren Buffett doesn't even look at Technical Analysis. Why do you think none of you you tuber's price predictions ever come true, Because you're trying to use Comparison TA!!!

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