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Ripple XRP: How Important Was Tom Emmer’s Statement Regarding XRP At Yesterday’s Town Hall?

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  1. I get VET at another good option

    Seems like every day, Vechain is getting a new customer/partner and 5 new use cases. I'm really happy that it seems to keep growing. I think it will be a major player in blockchain before much longer.

  2. God I hope the government doesnt force Ripple out of the US. We will truly be in trouble if that happens. XRP will trhive… and if it's not here, it will be somewhere else.

  3. Yo!!! A Chase Bank manager knew all about 🤑🤑🤑XRP/RIPPLE🤑🤑🤑 when i ask. He said he couldn't give investment advised. I said I know, its cool i already bought in and told him how much. And he looked to his right to see if anyone was there, and looked me dead in the eye and said dude your gonna be rich!🤔🤑🤪🤭🤫🤑🤔

  4. Thanks, WMC! Late getting to the good stuff today. I doubt ripple would leave the US; after all, there has to be a push at some point or evolutions simply do not happen and there is a monumental sum to be made here. The tech is clearly in production and not a lot of others can say that. I think we have the leg up in the race. I’ll just continue to work my butt off and stack zerps until I don’t have to anymore. 💪😏 Much love family, keep the good stuff coming! Also love the little bits on TA that you work into your content. I learn stuff that I never thought I would have wanted to learn. Haha

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