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Ripple XRP: I’d Rather Be Holding A Bag Of XRP If Bitcoin Is Being Controlled By Putin

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I love XRP and have what I think is an average amount. I also have BTC so I get frustrated with all the tribalism. It’s such a waste of time and effort. This quantum supremacy is nothing but complete FUD. It will take decades to become a threat and by then we will have upgraded the cryptography to be free from the threat.

  2. Stop advising people to buy Bitcoin.

    This shitcoin is a SCAM:

    The halving is the biggest problem:

    First each halving the reward is divided by two and it favorized those who have the best/most expensive materials to mine Bitcoin, leading to more centralisation. the time when everyone could mine BTC on its computer seems very far from now.

    Furthermore, if miners still want to be profitable they need the price of bitcoin to double or the price of electricity to be divided by two:

    Do you really think the price of electricity will adapt in function of bitcoin halvings?

    Do you truely believe the price of BTC could be multiplied by 2 every 4 years till 2140? Do you think it is sustainable?

    Do you???? What will happen to the network, not if, but when the price won' t double?

    Bitcoin is a complete failure promoted by a bunch of scamers (vaynes, Novogratz, the winkleschmurtz brothers…) who have a tonne of this shitcoin and need us to believe it will go to one million so they can sell us their crappy coins.

    Bitcoin has failed to be currency, it is to slow and to expensive, it can't be scaled, it bearely can evolve: you can' t change a line of its code without having a fork.

    And Bitcoin will fail to be store of value:

    Every advantages it has on gold will disappear when gold will be tokenized: it will move as fast as the XRP ledger authorizes it and with much lower fees than Bitcoin.

    So tell me what is the purpous of holding this Shitcoin? Bitcoin is a technological DEAD END.

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