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Ripple XRP: If Kraken Can Become A Bank, Does This Open Up Ripple To Become A Bank Too?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Bill Gates in no longer a concern…he has been neutralized. What his company does not is separate, also the reason for him stepping down from his Microsoft position.

  2. We do love NPXS(Pundi X) more than Bitcoin(btc) itself! '''Bitcoin is a SHIT! ''' I think I'm in love with NPXS coin!!! .Let us ( X ) together guys! This NPXS is a game changer …Welcome me to the X world…

  3. I thought we went over this. the xrp community has made it very clear that it isn’t in Ripples interest to become a bank. they don’t want to be competition they want to work WITH banks.

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  5. heyyyyyyy guyssssss….yea yea xrp ripple save the world..odl..xll.x everything..swell more banks more users mow everything hugeee news xrp goin to be a bank…yea yea…anddddddddd the shit coin cant pass 25 cents still…in the mean while uniswap hit binance 2 days agi at 30 cents an is now at $5….yea yea keep holding the xrp an watch your block every 5 min hoping it moved a penny

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