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Ripple XRP: If Ripple Focuses On SME And Reduces ODL, Will This Affect XRP Price?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Of COURSE it won't affect the price….NOTHING affects the price. Brad meets with a huge nation's central bank (Brazil) = the price remains stagnant. Volume goes up = the price remains stagnant. Ripple transfers 800 million XRP = the price remains stagnant. It's impressive.

  2. Ripple has other areas of revenue and it could for the short term (2 years) lower the price. They could be in the next steps of a long long term plan the does not include the retail market at this time, if ever. The initial build of the market by retail speculators could have also been part of the plan and now we are insignificant to their objective

  3. I'm glad for this shake-out news. Don't want new investors and pump chasers hopping in at the last minute when some of us have been holding for over 3 years. Got to earn this sh1t the old-fashioned way, through blood sweat and tears. For me it's till death do us part, no way I'm missing this ship when it launches without warning.

  4. Ripple pulled the plug on MGI; this was probably a provision in the deal with MGI, such that they could bail out of the investment they made in MGI if a take over happened.

  5. small payments dont need high xrp price. So xrp price will most likely be just driven by speculation and not utility like all these people were hyping. Most likely it will die out, unfortunately. too much supply, and now it looks like demand wont be coming

  6. Spin it any way a person wants, but the math doesn’t lie. If Ripple is going to focus more on “lower value” movements, than volume will have to explode to ever move the XRP price. The volume is easy to monitor. If there is no volume explosion, than price will stagnate.

    It also debunks the hopium that XRP would be used by the IMF or central banks. MoneyGram hasn’t added a corridor in 6 months. If Ripple has to abandon high end remittances, it shows they are no where close to moving “all the money”.

  7. I believe in XRP not because of the hype,partners,utility. I simply believe people that are in ripple(not saying they are good honest hardworking people). Just take a look at their resume portfolio and it will make sense . I am here for a long haul.

  8. Get worried ! You can only find excuses for so long . That is what happens with 100 billion XRP total supply . 20 cent XRP is already overvalued by many times .

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