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Ripple XRP: IMF’s “Bridging The Digital Divide” & XRP’s Demand A Cambrian Explosion

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Making money in crypto will NOT isolate you from globalist tyranny if Biden cheats his way into office. You can’t spend your crypto from a FEMA camp.

  2. People, grow up, election is past, in the final it really does not matter for our market because it has no influence on longer terms. I'm here to make money, what about you?

  3. It would be great if we can just get the Crypto news & take on our investments… & really limited or no political opinions at all! The Presidential elections was fair and square & Trump lost! Again he lost! If he has any proof of fraud or any irregularities, put up or Shut up!

    He lost! so let's move forward… Please!

    Everyone on here is not a Trump, Supporter!!!

  4. Don’t believe anything you hear especially MSM; question everything; be skeptical; embrace doubt; be surprised when people are honest; lower your expectations and you won’t be disappointed; invest only what you can afford to lose; spend less than you make; don’t wait on the government to give you a raise or a handout; create your own raise; don’t wait on the phone to ring, make calls and knock on doors;

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