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Ripple XRP: Indications “The Powers That Be” Are Trying To Squeeze Retail Out Of Cryptos Like XRP

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Gensler needs to be dragged before congress in November once Republicans take over and then throw his hairless parrot looking ass in JAIL.

  2. I dont know who xrp thought would buy XRP if they were to list it on the market. it had to get listed to get funding, someone had to seed their start up.

  3. I'm a middle class man, I'm sick and tired of rich pricks running this country. Making sure that we dont get ahead. That is discrimination, against the poor. So let's sue the hell out of the SEC AND OUR GOVERNMENT. For HOLDING us back. This accreditation criteria is ILLEGAL as far as I'm concerned ALLONG with 350 million people in this country. So Ginsler and Company. Can you kindly get rid of the bullshit criteria?

  4. <<At this point, we should all take advantage of the dip.We may see a reversal and start up a bullish move or we may experience further decline in price.I 'll say we should prep for any scenario that happens to play out because if the previous cycles are applied to today's chart,price should be higher than it is right now.I believe there will be a voilent run up but don't know when that would kick off.I have always played safe by putting my assets into active trades,so I don't feel the declination if it continues.I have made over 16 btc since early May till date,from implementing trades with insights from a renowned trader,James Hamilton.This is why more emphasis should be put into tradlng.

  5. Why care about xrp? If you are into crypto, BTC is the only crypto that anyone can trust. Everything else is crystallized and can be changed. SEC already said Bitcoin is property.

  6. Everyone should go watch the Darren Moore and John Titus video. It will open your eyes and take you closer to the truth of what's going on then any other YT video you have watched. Everything we are seeing right now is just a distraction.

    Do you really think that Blackrock, Lagarde and other execs of financial institutions are going to stop using private jets because of ESG????

  7. I guess they playing some game behind so they throwing some news to camouflage what’s really goin on.otherwise how will be possible on time square to have xrp ledger or whatever .it’s just confusing .only xrp was delisted even Luna was scam imo and still you can buy .and we can go on and on.I do love xrp just dosent looking they playing clear game w us….

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