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Ripple XRP Is A Sleeping Giant That WILL Rise In Price And Value

Daily XRP News

Theres been a lot of FUD articles being posted about #XRP in the news lately.. facts don’t lie though. We are the early adopters 👍🏼

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Daily XRP News
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  1. XRP sleeping giant that wakes up in another 50years lol for fuk sakes getting sick of these videos nw banks ain't using xrp they will have there own coin if they was to use crypto currency partnered with over 200 banks yet the price dumping like cows shit lol even though my biggest investment is in XRP I'm loosing hope big time I just hope it goes bk to it's all time high and I can cash out and buy bitcoin

  2. It’s companies like ripple that make the economy collapse again .. ceo like Brad Garlinghouse all talk can’t deliver shit.. funny how the coin is like 31 cents yet the market cap is like 14 billion.. anybody that is investing in this garbage is making the ceo”s richer and richer.. how is it that this coin prettt much always go back into the 30 cents or so every crash it has.. oh wait because the company owns the majority of the coin.. fucking scam bastards I hope ripple goes to hell all of them .

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