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Ripple XRP Is Bitcoin 2.0 The Facebook To Bitcoin’s Myspace

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. My Uphold was hacked EXACTLY how DAI is saying!! It was an email from Uphold, apparently a phishing email, and they got into
    my account when I clicked on that phishing email!! Within 10 minutes of going in to my Uphold account, as soon as I logged out, they remained in. And I unknowingly thought I was okay, found out a couple of hours later when I logged back into my Uphold account to make sure my earlier purchase of XRP went thru, that is when I saw ALL of my XRP shares were gone!! Deposited to some other wallet, of which I did not know! When I contacted Uphold, they did an investigation, and found the transfer, but stated that "Since I allowed a 3rd Party to enter my account thru my email; as stated in the terms & conditions, they were not responsible for the loss of any$$ or shares, and to file a complaint with the Internet Fraud Division!! I was stunned that they said they had no responsibility for my loss, as well as having no way to reverse a prior transfer/withdrawal. I did file a complaint with the Internet Fraud Division, and that was the end of my lost & stolen shares. Needless to say I do not use Uphold any more, and I warned them about the PHISHING Email Scam, didn't matter. I am not at all surprised this is happening to them!! Nano S Ledger Wallet, the safest way to go….

  2. I’m late to the game with crypto. I’m just waiting for my bitstamp account to be verified then I’m going to start buying XRP. It’s seems to have the best uses out of the coins I’ve looked at so far.

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