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Ripple XRP: Is Gary Gensler Basically Jay Clayton 2.0?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. They not same people that's why is business as usual. Its the same government enforcement department so they carrying on wheree they left off coz they never stopped. He just the face of it but same old going on behind the scenes

  2. What did you all really expect? Gensler has a boss like everyone else. He's a gov't representative doing the bidding of the gov't. It may not be prudent to think that Gensler would be a disruptive force against the will of the gov't that pays him. For better or worse, Gensler has made an oath to serve the Constitution and the people under the charter of the SEC. Until Congress makes a way the show will continue.

    Blame Congress. They literally make the laws. A petition to the SEC with 30k signatures does nothing. It's just a petition. At least Congresspeople worry about us voting them out which is plenty incentive for the drafting of a crypto framework laws. Write to your Congresspeople. Use the gov't as it was intended. Anything else is just child's play.

    Like & retweets don't mean a thing. I didn't stop Ajai with net neutrality so lets do something together. A show of force….legal force through spoken word, pen & paper (email).

  3. People need to get it through their heads that Mr. Gensler is an academic, bureaucrat, Goldman Sachs boy that prefers enforcement by litigation as opposed to guidance and regulation. It does not matter that he taught at MIT, you do not need an academic because all they know is a text book. Being a bureaucrat, all he knows is stealing money and making more useless laws and regulation. As a Goldman Sachs boy, he could care less about the retail investor, he will protect the big money and there profits. He is as trust worthy as a rattlesnake and it does not matter that Clayton started the case, it is now his case, no excuses as to not finding a solution quickly. XRP is not a security and that is the facts. If Mr. Gensler thinks that just because a retail investor who bought XRP has a contract with Ripple he is delusional. Please show me the paper contract with the signature's, of course he cannot because none exists. If he says that it is implied then he is certifiable because nothing was ever implied. The US is currently clown central and a total disgrace to the world.

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