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Ripple XRP: Is Josh Lin Knocking XRP As An Investment & What Is Bearableguy123 Saying About XRP Now?

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  1. Who cares what BB has to say about anything ! That’s the problem with this space, people are listening to such random personalities it blows my f’ing mind. People PLEASE!

  2. These criminals are keeping relief from the masses so they can misuse the system that should be saving America. Shame on the crony bankers and corrupt robber barons

  3. If we want conspiracy videos we can listen to Crypto Mike. He is formulating a new conspiracy theory this very moment. You should just stick to the news.

  4. Josh Lin said lot of things but hopium addicts would not understand that . He is saying that Ripple is going to do very well but Ripple is not XRP . There will not likely be any impact on XRP by utility any time soon . Whatever the utility volume Ripple is doing looks great to you but it is really a drop in a bucket . In theory it is working , the price is at already 20 cent which is more than 20X its value based on utility . What are you complaining about . He is saying there is uncertainty until SEC rules out on its security status and institutional investors do not like uncertainty . So do not expect XRP price to move up any time soon . Lin also says it is dumb to put all money in XRP and now you know why some of you are having sleepless nights . You just have to read between lines . At least he is honest and not telling what you want to hear . On other hand David Schwartz giving you Mumbo Jumbo answer . He only says higher XRP price is good for Ripple . Nobody argues with that because Ripple holds more than 50 billion XRP. He never tells you how XRP price could move up or high value could be achieved but gives an impression to dumb money that it is bound to move up like some of you think David said $120 XRP price . David never said that . Here he is just giving wishy washi answers . He always uses bitcoin example how higher price allows you to higher value transaction of a house . He conveniently forgets there are about 5000X more XRP than bitcoin and triple digit price for XRP has close to zero percent probability . May be $1 is high price for him . These guys are skillful enough to play with words to manipulate your mind . WMC is showing 3 year old clip of David Schwartz and XRP is still at 20 cents. Be skeptical and objective .

  5. What is the point of showing 3 year old twitter clip and XRP price is still at 20 cents after 3 years ? Is it that Josh Lin did not tell you what you wanted to hear .

  6. Don't be surprised if Gate's runs for president, That would almost complete his plan. Hoooo!!!! boy, Look out world.
    I already picked my island, My Ginger and Me will be free. LOL

  7. If people don't like your videos they can simply not watch. This is your channel so you should be free to air your opinion without blowback. Everyone needs to chill out a bit 🖖

  8. Even though you can’t vote, if you buy XRP you are funding Ripple…Essentially it’s stock sale. A lot cryptocurrencies and tokens are the same way. I’m surprised you guys haven’t figured that out yet.

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