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Ripple XRP: Is Miguel Vias Consulting The FED To Combat China’s Scheme To Sink The U.S. Dollar?

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  1. I think the smartest and safest investment advice is to load up on every crypto with an “❎”in the ticker 🥳❌RP, ❌LM, ❌MR, ❌TZ, TR❌, ZR❌, ETc…

  2. Should I do a xrp run and sell out. Btc is right below 10k and xrp going down. Should we be worried its losing value and interest

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  4. when XRP were put in escrow back in the day is just coincidence that tre price went up. BECAUSE ALL COINS WENT UP- even fake one!
    also China getting a lot of money from US (USD) – huge portion of their economy depend on dollar, also they owe/debt US a lot of dollars…. so China may replace something with better, faster, newer tech, but they will never kill something that feeding them…

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