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Ripple XRP: Is Money The Only Reason We're Here? – Livestream

Daily XRP News

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OZ Crypto is a channel discussing Ripple XRP and other crypto-currencies to help share knowledge. I am not a financial adviser any information I may be giving you is my own personal opinions and knowledge mixed with anything cited

Daily XRP News
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  1. No disrespect but ROI, whether long or short term, is the ONLY reason anyone invests. It is a way to earn passive income. And after this long bear market do you really need to ask such an offensive question? The people who are still here BELIEVE IN THE TECH…
    Of course, the rabble might say they are here for other reasons, but they will never be wealthy because they have no target to keep their eye on. You could have always got in on XRP early and just held…or tucked it away…I suppose one day it will be well worth your while. But even Bob Way now is saying Xrapid is NOT going to be moving the needle on XRP in the next year or so. So good thing XRP is looking elsewhere for returns and investments like Coil and Xring. Ripple the company will be going places, but XRP is not necessarily Ripple.

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