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Ripple XRP: Is Moneygram Still Hodling XRP Because Of A Future Resigning Or For Pure Profit?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I don't believe he's not invested in #XRP in some way, somehow, because O'Cowboy knows what #XRP is and where it's going. This guy is in the loop, he's in the loop of all loops for that matter and O'Cowboy knows what most don't, and he has#XRP hidden in his or a company's portfolio somewhere, but this guy is without a doubt invested in #XRP. Don't listen to what these super wealthy elites say, pay attention to what they do. They are trying to get you to zig while they are zagging.

    Remember, at one point O'Cowboy said he didn't own #Crypto, but eventually came out and admitted he owned #Crypto, and now we are to believe he doesn't own one of the most valuable #crypto assets on the planet that's about to explode in value…. C'mon man!

    O'Cowboy isn't fooling me anyway! Just sayin…

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