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Ripple XRP: Is Ripple Scamming Us By Selling XRP To Stay Profitable? An Explanation

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  1. I dont understand the whole "investing and then crying" system many are doingm take your money silently and go invest somewhere else. You make a clown of yourself with crying cause we know : cryers lost $

  2. You seem to forget there is never ending supply of XRP from Ripple and the gang . How long is it going to take for that demand to come . There won't be any demand until Ripple gets rid of most of XRP first . Smart money will not likely to enter XRP until that happens .They have methodical approach to investing and most of them would not touch asset that is not held by masses 60% and up . In XRP , masses hold 15% of total 100 billion XRP . I hope you hopium addicts realize that how supply and demand equation works . You may even justify why XRP price is down by blaming everything else but that is not going to help XRP but it will make you fill much better . WMC even gave you bitcoin ex. $10 analogy to buy house but it is just another hopium pill . It does not mean XRP price will move up and it only means if XRP price price were to move up to high price like $120 then XRP would be able to do lot of imaginary things . XRP army always seem to forget bitcoin has 21 million supply and XRP has 100 billion supply . If XRP had similar supply as bitcoin then XRP would already be 3 or 4 digit coin .

  3. Ripple smells of bs… Xrp shills are turning a blind eye to what ripple r doing.. Xrp is their “strategic weapon” to make their own pockets deep.. in the name of deep liquidity..

  4. Ripple is back in court and you can’t find one YouTube video in the last month about it! Guess why!!!? The judge refused to throw out the case. Ripple will make you cripple if you’re not careful. Wake up! 👀😤

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