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Ripple XRP: Is Sen. Mark Warner In The SEC’s Pocket? HUGE Campaign Contributor Apollo!

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Sen. from Alabama is objecting our cryto bill. Ted Cruz doing a great job explaining cryto and the trillions that will be lost and that the USA will lose digital currency invasion

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  3. Do not trust the US to do the right thing, it is not something that it does. You should have prepared yourself long ago to protect your ass-sets. This bill is your wakeup call but it may be too late, you should have left and protected yourself and family.

  4. Pure arrogance of the American government, Period! This is exactly how the government works in favor of the RICH! They buy politicians to further grow their already fat bank accounts with no hesitation or fear of being arrested for corruption at all why because the people who would or could bring charges against them are also being paid in one shape or form. So you see unless their is a real revolution or something close to it we the average American will be used and abused then thrown away to make room for someone else that they can use and abuse. Hell must be a crowded plac!!!!

  5. Investing in cryptocurrency is the very economical and has really helped many people around the world. That's what most do now to help maintain their. Main source of income

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