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RIPPLE/XRP Is The Phoenix, The Psychology Of Prices, & Why Is XRP Still Low?????

Daily XRP News

This video is made by The Bearable Bull.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. NASA recently announced the moon is inside the earths atmosphere so maybe it’ll be easier for XRP to reach the moon then we thought 🙂

  2. I don't think steady will cut it It has been said that for liquidity it needs to be at least $10, David mentioned this on several occasions. but maybe shows control

  3. People get upset because they want real returns not speculation. It pisses them off because You tubers have been saying they will get rich overnight. That ain't ever gonna happen for them, so it pisses them off. You can make money, PEOPLE can make real, good money as an investor, but you aren't going to retire by investing $1,000. in XRP Sorry folks, You need $100,000 at least to make Lambo ching. Still if your $1,000 turns into $10,000 that ain't a bad thing.

  4. The thing with a bull market is that it could (I stress could as an estimation based on historic events) last for up to (for example) 600 days or so. Of which about 75% of that time you will see steady growth. The actual run will come at the end (i.e. the last 25%) That is of course in a normal trading environment. Personally I think that XRP will do the same, under normal exchange trading conditions as those conditions mean that price will go in one of three ways (as we know) up, down, or stay the same. However, with utility (i.e. mass use of xRapid & xCurrent combined. Should traded volumes using xRapid & xCurrent combined be greater than those handled under normal exchange traded volumes then my belief is that price will only move two ways. Those being up or stay the same. This is due to xRapid & xCurrent trades being done at market price. As for bailing out early to take advantage of other cripto moves, hell no!

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