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Ripple XRP: Is The XRP Ship Coming To Shore Sooner Than We Think?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Yes yes yes. I'm in Florida. I still had a Binance account. But I just couldn't fund it with a us bank account. But it did let u deposit crypto and withdraw it. But some advance features was closed because you couldn't KYC. But you could still trade until September 2020 on international. But yes.🎉Days before the cutoff

  2. Brad looking in his XRP bag again, thinking about all of the money he spent. At some point, a poor man becomes a trillionaire, doesn't he… he saved in XRP and didn't spend through what he HODL in.

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  4. Sooner than we think yet all of you with youtube channels have been banging the drums for 2 years repeating the word 'soon' all along the way. Look up the word in a dictionary and begin using 'eventually with any hope' instead.

  5. Some of us need just a bit more time as we came in late. I'm sure most of you have already stacked up your XRP and well, fair play. Im only getting on the train this past two weeks.🤒

  6. Hi everyone tells me is what you will be able to do a show on this new crypto related to gold , there is a pre-sales, everyone this wild for now on this new crypto, the magazine, even talks that its could compete bitcoin , yesterday I have a buddy who live in Russia and on telegram he sends me a message and he tells me to invest on this crypto , I told him that I had already invested and that I had not waited for him to do so.
    So to answer my question could you do a special broadcast about it to find out if it's worth investing, for now I invested 2650 euros , I pass you the link for you to study this crypto: , thank you in advance ✌️🤝

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