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Ripple XRP: Is There A Riddle Within BearableGuy123’s Latest Quote? & The Private/Public XRPL

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Daily XRP News
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  1. And another xrp army speculation and keep the hope alive dream. It's sad really that's this guy keeps on talking about a cartoon that means absolutely 0. Complete worthless video. Sorry

  2. Books could refer to the a exchanges Trade Book…. More wealth there than you could possibly imagine… Time for the exchanges to square up, then the fuse gets lite.

  3. The Walt Disney quote is obviously about gold. ”Treasure in books” is gold ”on the books” – gold in bullion bank accounts, claims on gold, gold leased and lended, paper gold. Fractional gold reserves! There is more ”gold on the books” – paper gold – than physical gold, the gold stored on ”Treasure Island”. It’s the dilemma of multiple paper claims on a finite amount of physical. The Sovereign, the public and private books. It’s about the gold! Only one of the keys on the keyring is golden, pointing to multiple claims on the same tonnes – only one real owner of the actual gold.

  4. Lots of symbolism in this cartoon.
    I will start from the left and work my way right.
    -The ship is coming out of a storm and has clear sky’s ahead. “Smooth sailing”
    -The ships name itself is called “perseverance” meaning it’s storm tested and strong.
    -The knight has his visor up, this is done after the battle. However he is pointing towards the future signifying he is ready for more.
    -The king, it is notable that he is the only character without a nose or mouth. This possibly symbolizes helplessness and as he’s standing on an iceberg is highly likely. His staff is broken, the symbol on it is “infinite” meaning in a kingdom that was thought to last forever is broken and essentially all the king can do is watch.
    -the owl at the front of the ship can have several meanings but personally I believe in this case, this is a sign to the elites that now is the time. Last warning, get on the ship. Masons use the owl to pay homage and alert other masons which direction to go.
    -The red wrench is a warning, if you’ve ever been driving and a red wrench light comes on, this warning signals you to stop before essentially doing more damage.
    -The colours of the sails I’m sure are not by accident, perhaps someone can speculate on that.
    -The books, ledgers are interesting because they are overboard, the old and the new. Perhaps this signifies that they don’t matter in this case, old books, new books, they don’t matter the ship carries on and there is nothing to see there.
    -The meme char at the top I believe represents the internet (us) and we are excited to see what comes next. Which I’m sure all the hodlers are.

    Let me know what you think. What did I miss? Did I catch anything you didn’t?

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