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Ripple XRP: Is Trump’s Trade War With China Affecting People’s Perception Of Cryptocurrency?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I've told my friend multiple times about crypto. how it's safe and given that it's just a emerging markets you could make a huge profit. Not to mention the security of your money's value. Example Venezuela and there money. But my friend would rather get drunk and have a good time. Rather then just setting 10-20 dollars aside.

  2. Excellent subject matter and video contact… Well said!!! The question remains how will crypto currency do if an economic collapse should occur do you think will see greater than 20% drops in crypto?? Maybe in comparison crypto would be the better bet compared to our fiat in the banks…😳🤔 . Are there crypto credit cards out there that once you put your crypto into the card it's still move with the market in value?? Thank you in advance!!!👍🙏

  3. These YouTubers just don’t get it.. xrp doesn’t perform, they find theories that just doesn’t make one iota of sense.. but can’t blame the shills, income has to come from somewhere.. when xrp performs they would be like I told you so from the start…

    Bottom line is, all BS… xrp is the biggest scam of our lifetime.. they are selling xrp stakes to keep funding their own and Ripple the company’s interest.. they don’t care about the xrp hodlers.. it’s all about one big game plan to make themselves richer eventually.. don’t fall for the trap people.. still time to bail out..

  4. We are all so ahead of the curve. I don’t know anyone else invested in crypto and when I bring it up to even my close family they look at me like I got swindled by a late night timeshare infomercial. It will be mainstream someday. Be ready

  5. Ive convinced some friends to invest in crypto with one statement. When they said they won't invest in crypto because they don't understand how it works. I asked them do you drive? do you understand the basics of the combustion engine? If you're going to invest in buying a car & you don't know how it works, but you know your will lose money when you sell, why not invest in crypto? BTW, they are investing a small amount 🙂

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