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Ripple XRP: Is XRP Going Back To $0.43? How Stable Is The Price & Crypto Market Milestones

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Bitcoin has been bullish for weeks now, dominating other altcoins📈📈📈. It appears as if the long expected breakout predicted by experts has finally started it's bull run. either way thats what we all want right? But even as the price continue to soar, some crypto insiders and traders are losing their money to the whales maybe as a result of coming into the market at a bad time or lack of a Good and working trading strategy. As my instructor would say "It is not a big deal when you lose your coins it only makes you understand your mistake and try again but harder". you don't have to lose interest in crypto just because of one loss or two, instead focus on the future, focus on how to get it right next time. I have been doing well in my daily trading with the help of Mr Walter Aarav, a man who is highly skilled in the cryptocurrency space. He was the one who helped me when i also made a big loss years back, his strategy works and it has helped hundreds of traders to get the best out of their trading. Already made over $20,000 trading with his strategy, He is the best✅✅✅. You can reach him either on wtsapp @+18102120716 or via tlegram @Walteraarav0 for some guidance and in-depth analysis

  2. The interesting thing is that as we see it now the only coin that will have significant value in the short term 1 to 5 years seem to be only Bitcoin

  3. Doesn't that give any credibility to the Bitcoin maxi's? Credibility when they say that yes we may be able to get a significant return on the altcoins one day but the future but all coins purchased inexpensively that will grow to significant value or long long gone. The earlier doctors are the ultimate winners and the current adopters are simply users and stabilizers ( early adopters of Bitcoin)

  4. XRP had a genuine long awaited bull run/pump from ~25 to ~77 (and higher on other exchanges). After this hot streak a retreat back to the mid 40s. SINCE then sentiment has cooled and its recent progress from ~45 to ~65 was solely driven by BTC flying through 20k to 24k. Why is it so difficult to admit that recent thirst for XRP has abated for now. You are too good a bloke and too savvy to become a DAI-like shiller. Just tell it like it is – John 8:32

  5. XRP is just freaking frustrating! Until Jed is finished selling his stash, we won't be able to sell ours. Why don't they just tell Jed to sell everything crush the price. After he is done then we can start selling. So Fn frustrating!

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