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Ripple XRP: Is XRP Too Lucrative For PayPal To List Immediately?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. Why pay pal need to have XRP in their systems. ? Isn't that competitive payments system ? Lots of payments system already exists. But XRP is the one that going to make them all not relevant when regulation and clarity happens . That's why XRP price unrealistic.

  3. unclear regulations is the reason why xrp isnt on paypal, only btc and eth have gotten the greenlight from the SEC, and bitcoin cash and litecoin are 99% the same thing as btc at the protocol level. When your a buisness i dont know if the term "too lucrative" is a thing.

  4. It appears that XRP is not yet established with a price. Considering it is aimed to be 10,000.00, it so appears, they wouldn't dare put it out now where its a quarter. That will put them further in the whole than if they opened it up to the general public.

  5. Things to think about… what if everyone had just 1 XRP wallet 🤔 thats 160 billion XRP just for the wallets ???? There isnt enough XRP to do that. XRP is not ment for you or I, its meant for behind the scenes transfer of value by institutions.

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