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Ripple XRP Keeps Pumping! Can We Reach $1.00 By The End Of The Day & Is It Still A Good Deal?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. channels like this played a massive part in why so many lost thousands. lets see if he offers an apology for pushing this.

  2. I won't sell until at least $5 and then only a small % to pay down my debt. I've been holding 2.5 yrs and have seen it all with this XRP. I swapped some ETH yesterday to top off and I am holding a few more years for sure.

  3. I have always been a keen subscriber to this channel mate and keep up the great work,, some of the best on YT. 2020 was quite a year and what is a better news for crypto than to see all-time highs? Both institutions and high-net-worth investors are starting to acknowledge Bitcoin/xrp as a store of value and as a treasury asset. Happy to be a partaker of such a change in the world of crypto, I know some hodlers are happy at the moment due to the recent rise, although you aren't supposed to be emotionally entangled with the market charts. That's why it was never second-guessing when an opportunity as crypto tradlng came my way. "Why hold a currency you can multiply or grow?" With much energy channeled into tradlng bitcoin daily with unique slgnals, it was no surprise how my portfolio went from 3 Bitcoin to 8.7 Bitcoin within a year. I will always advlse anyone who just started dealing with Bitcoin or old holders, Trad e people! It is truly easy, only requires your time. I registered with a Crypto mentor david tepper of appaloosa management who helped me grow my crypto portfoIio all the way to the top. you all can reach him @{davidtepper_trades} on Telg:ram made 2020 awsome for me……. but i am still looking forward to 2021…….

  4. Retailers and consumers will not use common security or accept security for payment but only common currency for payment in international trade and commerce. Thus Ripple and XRP team has foresight to create xrp to be common currency as intended for level playing ground for international trade and commerce. Big institutions holding large xrp cannot see its value when customers or retailers refuse to use xrp as security but xrp will have huge growth in free market as common currency for international trade and commerce from mass participation of retailers as consumers and customers. US will agree with UK, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, UAE and the rest of the world that xrp is common currency for level playing ground for international trade and commerce to benefits Ripple, US and everyone in the global world. Sec has no case on Ripple that xrp is security since Ripple and XRP team has created and treated xrp as common currency as intended for level playing ground for international trade and commerce. Ripple and XRP team has been doing the right thing to release the sufficient amount of xrp into the market for testing xrp to be a common currency for level playing ground for international trade and commerce by participation of big institutions like banks, etc. and retailers to ensure that xrp is reliable to gain public confidence. Ripple and XRP team can manage the rate of release of xrp for better value and now stop release any xrp from escrow to new big institution customers but encourage them to buy xrp from the market until the first target price of xrp usd 5.00 is achieved. The big institutions and retailers should grab the opportunity to buy xrp below USD 5.00 since the number of xrp is limited and the early participants will be rewarded when the price of xrp will increase at step incremental based on the demand of capitalization from the scale of participation of big institutions and the rate of release of xrp from escrow, for example step incremental at usd 5.00, usd 10 and usd 100.

  5. A dollar by the end of what day. A Monday 3 months from now? No way. It will be a year of it does hit a dollar. I don't think it will at anytime this year. No utility and retail will sell as soon as any kind of gain is seen. Let's be real. XRP tech, superior, XRP use cases superior in idea as of now but XRP investor value, shit.

  6. It will not die. It will be used slowly and can be used by a number of business ventures at this value. The growth it has seen from 0.006 to now does give ripple value and capital to execute business and provide it's owners income

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