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Ripple XRP: Kevin Rose’s 2013 Ripple Investment & XRP Being The “Winning” Crypto Displacing The Rest

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  5. The easiest way to undermine China's idea that you have to do things their way is to adopt XRP as the global standard and as the SDR. With XRP being neutral China loses all advantage of trying to undercut and force others to use their DCEP. With XRP as the standard, all transactions between countries must go through XRP and having XRP's price either fixed or pegged to gold and golds price fixed levels the playing field and forces China to play by the rules. If they tried to do otherwise, all that is required is to disallow any DCEP transaction on the ledger. Of course they will scream, stomp their feet and throw a temper tantrum but until they comply they would be financially cut off from the world.

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