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Ripple XRP Late Night Bull Run Stream! 5 Days After Golden Cross! Ascending Triangle XRP

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. now the sec plans to give ripple/xrp the green light via a letter what other bs excuses will they dream up why the price of xrp dont go up

  2. Wake up, Recieve Alex Cobb bull run stream notification on my phone. Run over to binance to check prices…. Less than what they were when i went to bed.

  3. The misconception about the market cycles are getting longer is getting out of hand, and the people who claims this have to take a look at the chart differently. It has, in the history of Bitcoin, always been around 4 years (+/-) market cycles, BUT the proportion of the length of the bear market vs bull market are different ==> Bull market + Bear market = approximately 4 years DEPENDING on the BTC-halvening.

    ==> If the bull market after the BTC-halvening lasts longer (like it did in the previous bull market vs the one in 2012-2013), it will CANNIBALIZE on the coming bear market to "reach" the 4-year market cycle-goal.
    ==> If the bull market after the BTC-halvening i short-lived, the coming bear market will be long and grindy.
    ==>Either way, bull market + bear market = 4 years.

    People who are claiming that the market cycles are getting longer are measuring from bottom to bottom, which is wrong. The correct measurement will be from where the uptrend started, which is approximately 1 year prior to the BTC-halvening. In that case, the BTC-halvening is a dominant variable in the equation for the market cycles. I expect that the BTC-halvening will have lesser significance when BTC is in the trillions, but right now the market is way too small to expect a break of the 4 year cycles. This is the best time to invest. If you ain’t sure how to go about this, you can ask for assistance from a professional. I personally trade using Martin Gersten’s assistance and the result is unbelievable. I stumbled upon Martin Gersten on youtube. I contacted him via mail, and the result was life-changing. He gave me a basic understanding of the benefit of trading over hodling especially in a speculative market. He then provided me with his daily signals and trading patterns, and within a month, I was able to make almost 80% on my ripples. Martin Gersten never asked me to give him access to my account, and he would warn me against doing that with anybody as it’s a way many Fakes use to defraud people. If you have any inquiries reach him at via mail MartinGerrsten@gmailcom or whatsApp +1 ( 518 ) 351 – 9039 and tell him a grateful client of his made referrals

  4. Love the new audio. If anything, could I suggest crank the volume up? I have you on full volume through quality headphones but the volume doesn't quite pump. I don't want to miss a thing. Cheers

  5. I think we need a reclassification of the term bull run. So is it a bull run if xrp goes up 2 cent? Am I missing something lol. I get the market is going up, and that's great, don't get me wrong. But can we hold up on the bull run talk until we actually get one!

  6. What a sorry channel you have you get all info from people on Twitter you do no deep dive . And your daddy need to make you clean your room lol little boy

  7. Gees Donald keef I actually started to take interest in what you were saying till I arrived at the section of your comment that showed you and your fakes below, out to be trolls,,,,dam best one I've seen yet though😂😂😂😂😂

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