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Ripple XRP: LEDGER DISRUPTION – What You Need To Know & Is An Altcoin Rally Official Upon Us?

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  1. Great content and not an annoying voice, which is handy 😂. I myself hold 22 coins. 50% XRP. Ada, XLM, LINK, XTZ, ENJ, SOLO, XDCE.. Etc etc. Like yourself I feel I have enough xrp at this point

  2. For whatever reason manually changing the date on computers to 05/10/2020 fixed it temporarily until they resolve the issue

  3. You are the best. I Drive Uber-taxi and daily I follow your channel. Your positive energy, on top of the great content makes my day. YES I am invested in bitcoin.  Over three years I have put all my tips earned in and I am so proud to say I hold 4 bitcoin. A fan dropped a comment about Douglas’s Strategy  some weeks back when I had O.6 bitcoin, I got all my trading skills from Douglas, i have made 300% in profit in just 3 weeks having started trading with just .6 bitcoin. I think more crypto experts should do more like him to make an impact in other less seasoned , He can be reached on whatsapp +1 (832) 413-2374.. and mail : Douglastrading10@gmail. Com

  4. im super bullish on xrp, big pot… but please dont throw all the eggs in one basket – I know I've been wrong before… lots of exciting projects out there – diversify to win

  5. This server certificate expiration has happened once before with Ledger Live. It's not a huge deal, just point the app to the other server. If it were to ever go down completely you could always just use Bithomp since it supports Ledger Nano logins directly. It basically works like MyEtherwallet.

  6. They are about to dump another ton of XRP on the market price will dip again then you guys will buy thinking it's the run..then it will drive back up to 0.20 cents sit there for a few days drop down and then you buy..etc etc etc..haven't yall figured it out yet they are using us to fund there projects……..DUM DAH!!!

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