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Ripple XRP Liquidity Partner Sold Go-Jek, Japan Loves ADA, SBI Holdings Smart Cash AG

Daily XRP News

Go-Jek buys fintech startup for $72M ahead of Philippines expansion.

Ripple-Backed Payment Platform SendFriend Launching in Q1 2019, Will Utilize XRP for Instant Cross-Border Remittances

Emurgo in Japan

SBI Holdings Makes Investment in Smart Cash AG Cold Wallet

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I hope Mr. kitao pushes Tangen to get XRP listed on there. It always blows my mind why all these crypto companies don't include XRP when it's the #2 crypto by marketcap, but more importantly, it actually functions to meet real world demand, unlike BTC, LTC, ETH, etc. Like seriously, people will be out shopping using their Tangen cards using btc, when it takes hours for the transaction to go through and costs $5 for a transaction fee? Crypto kitties brought the ETH network to it's knees and now it's supposed to be used for retail purchasses? Give me a break. I can only hope he's going to push the world's greatest digital assets on them, since he's been so bullish on XRP in the past.

  2. Check Out pundix .com . They also have a crypto card, an app, and xpos devices. Plus, they have a deal to bring crypto to the forefront of retail for Dubai residents. They’re global and I think they’re gonna be very successful.

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