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Ripple XRP: March 2025 – NEW Info Linking World Bank Mandate & ISO 20022 To THE GREAT RESET

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Also in this document @14:25 "Go-Live" date is also the expected end date of the ripple/sec trial if settlement doesn't occur. We can probably assume that settlement won't occur.

  2. I think Ripple needs to burn the XRPs they have in escrow in order for it to fly. No serious party will make this currency mainstream with that many coins locked up to one beneficiary, they have more coins in escrow than the current market cap, let that sink in.

  3. Klaus schwab of the WEF is certainly a piece of work … what they’ve done to ppl with this beer is not that of sane ppl .. apparently they know no other way to transition to a different, maybe better, monetary system without deeply negatively affecting 100s of millions of lives .. they may be smart but they sure aren’t wise or as smart as they like to believe they are

  4. I predict a false flag attack on GNSS ( Global Satellite Navigation Systems )… This will crash billions of devices worldwide, as they get their time signal from GPS ( Global Positioning System ). Ergo Internet outage, ergo financial catastrophe, ergo new world order financial system. Boom.

  5. Of course it’s all planned. That’s what the elites do like a cult. They have so much wealth they only live for shaping and trying to control the worlds affairs and get off thinking they are in control. That’s why I say to all the Bitcoin maxies. With these people do you really think they are going to let Bitcoin become the worlds money? Man your naive……..

  6. The “Great Reset” has been 50 years in the making. What we are currently seeing has been in the making for at least 10 years. Problem, Reaction, Solution.. P1andemic, shut down world economy, digital currency… viola! Full control (confusion / distraction for the masses in the meantime)
    Let’s not forget “SPARS 2025-2028” heading for Agenda 2030 goals

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