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Ripple (XRP) Market Cap & Price!

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Crypto? What is that? LOL…You mean digital assets? The banksters call it digital asset. They do not want anything with "currency" in its name. Also I do know XRP is divisible into droplets (or drops) or something like that, which is 1/100th of an XRP, to 1/1000.

  2. Understanding how Market Cap works in Crypto. Market cap is nothing more than the circulating supply multiplied by the current market price. It has little to do with how much volume/inflow of actual money is moving into the asset. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the crypto space. Imagine two people are the only owners of 1 XRP each with a buyers market price set at $30 dollars per XRP. Now take that $30 dollar market price and multiply it to the circulating supply and what you come up with is a multi-trillion dollar market cap for the XRP asset that only two people own that cost $60 dollars in total for those two individuals.

    Actual Inflow/Volume of money matters not the current market cap mathematics used!

    This is why XRP can go to $100 dollars and up, and whatever the market cap is has nothing to do with the true inflow/volume of actual money coming into the asset. People see a multi-trillion dollar market cap for XRP to get over $100 dollars and think that it needs this actual volume of money to flow into the XRP asset to achieve higher value; this is a huge fallacy.

    Market cap is just the price people are willing to pay for a crypto multiplied by the circulating supply.

    This misconcpetion causes people to say things like “How could 4 trillion + dollars make it's way into XRP for it to go over a $100+ dollars, that’s more money than the whole space”

    It takes far less money to get XRP into the hundreds of dollars in reality, and this applies to all other crypto as well. However this bad metric of price to circulating supply has caused this issue and hopefully with some education this market cap myth can be stopped.

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