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Ripple & XRP Mentioned by NESARA/GESARA News & Chris Larsen Urges U.S. To Provide Clarity For XRP!

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
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  1. working money channel
    Will XRP become a stable coin to which different currencies will be pegged? Will that replace the USD in the international market?

    Can banks use ripple technology and never have to use XRP?
    is the use of XRP optional?

    Wont a $10000 XRP increase the cost of remittance transactions?

    Will the value of a currency ($,Yen,pound) depend upon whats their value is in XRP?

    Why is XRP being called a nothing but a stable coin just like libra or USDT?

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  3. So basically Cris Larsen, Brad Dumpignhouse and Co want the blessing of the SEC so they can unload 55 billion XRP onto XRP moon boys and gals completely worry free? And their plead is "We are americans, yeay, let's make America great again!!!!!!"

    In BTC's and ETH's case they clearly stated they were no longer considered securities because the issuance was not directly controlled by anyone and "DISTRIBUTION" was wide enough to warrant so. Anyone thinking the SEC, who's job is to protect the average joe is going to allow what would basically be the enrichment of a very few at the expense of retail is delusional and has drunk 2 much of that Cris Larsen Kool aid!

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